Ask a Stoner: Will Topicals Cause a Positive Drug Test?

Dear Stoner: Will CBD or THC topicals make me test positive for a urinalysis drug test?

Dear Nicole: Unless you work for an agency like the CIA or FBI, which can do some weird shit to find out what you’ve put in your body, you’re safe if you stick with topicals. Because lotions and balms only touch skin and muscle tissue without entering the bloodstream, you wouldn’t get intoxicated or test positive in any normal work-related drug test, including urinalysis, after using infused lotion. And even if it did enter the bloodstream, the chances of a hemp-derived CBD product triggering a positive THC result on a drug test are extremely small, and positives are often proven false, according to CBD product manufacturer PlusCBD Oil.

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Myaderm THC cream on display at the Bronnor facility.
Scott Lentz
Transdermal patches should be avoided, though. Their technology is derived from nicotine patches designed to get compounds into the bloodstream, so they can cause psychoactive effects and trigger a drug test. There are CBD-only transdermal patches in dispensaries, but they carry trace amounts of THC, so steer clear if your job depends on it. You can still get that infused massage — just say no to patches.

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