Josh and Leah Cabrera's Playful Spirit Dies in Murder-Suicide, House Fire

There are plenty of playful Facebook photos of Josh and Leah Cabrera — and even a comic illustration of the pair.

These images only make the way their lives ended seem that much more tragic.

According to the Colorado Springs Police Department, Josh, 35, shot and killed Leah, 33, before apparently setting their house ablaze and then committing suicide.

Josh's Facebook profile pic features him and an adorable child; the CSPD says an eight-year-old and fifteen-year-old resided with the Cabreras but weren't at home when the violence took place. Both are in costume, with Josh outfitted as Super Mario and wearing an appropriately goofy expression:

Leah's Facebook page was much more active than Josh's. Included are shots of Josh, like this one.... well as snapshots featuring her. Here's an example:

Also on view are a slew of illustrations starring a cartoon version of Leah interacting with friends and, in this silly graphic, Josh:

For whatever reason, however, her current profile pic finds her wearing a much more somber expression:

Still, the look only hints at the horror that took place earlier this week.

At about 1:33 p.m. on Monday, May 11, the CSPD notes, officers were dispatched in regard to a report of a shooting at a home on the 300 block of Redwood Drive in the Springs.

Upon their arrival, law enforcers discovered that the house in question was on fire — but before they had to exit as a result of the flames, they spotted what the CSPD describes as "a deceased female:" Leah.

Next on the scene was the Colorado Springs Fire Department — and firefighters discovered Josh's dead body inside as they went about extinguishing the blaze, which had been fed with the use of an accelerant .

Investigators subsequently determined that Josh had killed Leah before taking his own life. It's not known if the fire was set before or after she'd been killed.

No additional information is being released about the children. But we offer our sincere condolences to them, as well as to the friends, family and loved ones affected by this terrible incident.

Look below to see a report on the fire from Fox21.

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