See the 18 Worst Denver Blocks for Parking Tickets

Interactive graphics below.
Interactive graphics below.
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Last summer, we posted about the top 25 Denver parking fine locations, with specific meter locations where the city collected the most bucks from drivers.

Now, new numbers obtained by Fox31 allow us to drill even deeper, to determine the blocks where you're likeliest to get a parking ticket — and the actual number of them handed out during 2015.

With only a few exceptions (mainly lots around Denver International Airport), most of the locations are downtown, with one stretch of a popular street accounting for tickets in the thousands.

Park there at your own risk, and if you do, make sure you're not a few minutes late — or you'll wind up paying.

Look below to see interactive graphics of all eighteen locations featuring meters that registered at least 100 tickets; if you have problems seeing the images, click "View on Google Maps." Note that the stats included feature the number of tickets handed out last year at a specific address

1700 MARKET STREET = 201

101 1723 Market St #1: Market Street in LoDo
100 1709 Market St #1: Market Street in LoDo

2200 MARKET STREET = 250

135 2245 Market St #1: Market Street in LoDo
115 2215 Market St #1: Market Street in LoDo

25700 EAST 78TH AVENUE = 270

270 25730 E 78th Ave

100 FILLMORE = 282

154 100 Fillmore St N #3: Fillmore Street
128 102 Fillmore St N #3: Fillmore Street

26200 EAST 78TH AVENUE = 308

308 26296 E 78th Ave
#5: Denver International Airport

1400 COURT PLACE = 351

148 1432 Court Pl #2: Court Place
102 1424 Court Pl #2: Court Place
101 1434 Court Pl #2: Court Place

Continue to see more of the worst Denver blocks for parking tickets.

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