Top Speed Traps in Metro Denver, 2015 Edition

Interactive graphics below.
Interactive graphics below.

Each August since 2011, we've shared roundups of the top speed traps in Denver according to the crowd-sourced website

Our latest batch features plenty of warnings about spots on or near Interstate 25, as well as assorted surface streets in the metro area.

We've collected the most recent posts here. They feature text and interactive graphics that provide a look at or near the locations; if you have problems seeing the images, click "View on Google Maps."

Have you been cited at any of these places? Find out below.

Buchtel Blvd. south of Louisiana, Denver, Colorado
When you exit I-25 at Washington/Emerson and go south on Buchtel toward DU, there is a cop ticketing people for going over the 30 mph speed limit: $160 and 4 points. Or if you pay before the court date, it's only 2 points. The cop that stopped me, must have been marketing-trained, as he was very helpful at letting me know how to reduce the points. I saw another car pulled over in the same spot a few days earlier.

North bound Santa Fe @ I-25, Denver, Colorado
The posted speed limit on Santa Fe is 45 mph until a 35 mph sign a quarter mile north of Mississippi and then within 1/10 mi. it goes to 25 mph. yet right after it is a 45 mph ramp speed sign for getting onto I-25. When they have a photo radar van on the left side, it creates more hazards from motorist slamming on their brakes.

South Sante Fe Drive North Bound after Mississippi Avenue, Denver, Colorado
Photo enforcrment unit stationed in "work zone" just before I-25 junction; posted speed is 25 MPH

I-25 Northbound off-ramp to Emerson St., Denver, Colorado
After exiting I-25 Northbound on the Downing/Emerson exit going to Emerson, speed suddenly drops from 60 to 30 mph. After passing downing and approaching Emerson a COP will be standing on the corner with a radar gun. Seen it lots times only within the past 2 weeks.

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