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10 things to do for $10 this weekend, September 17-19

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Buzzer Battle: Lakewood at Eck's Saloon (Friday) If you love trivia but think that all those places in town that give you ample time to come up with answers in a group are for wusses, you might appreciate the Buzzer Battle. It's a fast-paced Jeopardy style game -- so no time for lallygagging and drink ordering.

Lino Tagliapietra at Pismo Fine Art Glass (Friday) Today's your last chance to check out some of the finest glass art created by man at the Pismo Fine Art Gallery. You'll find work from the art's most prominent creators, Lino Tagliapietra and Chihuly -- so prepare your brain to be both dazzled and amazed. The Get Back Vegas at Beauty Bar (Friday) Everybody loves a soul dance party right? If you don't, you're clearly doing Friday nights the wrong way. If you wander in early enough you can snag a ten-dollar manicure too. Ghostbusters: Midnight Movie at the Esquire (Friday-Saturday) If you're looking for some wholesome fun this weekend, you might want to make your way over to the Esquire at midnight to catch the classic film, Ghostbusters. Just remember: don't cross the streams. Dream Girls at Hamburger Mary's There is something unique about the idea of a Cabaret Drag show -- at least it's unique in that it only happens four times a month. Still, it's not to be missed if you haven't been, and since it's free to get in, you can save your cash for a burger or drink.
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