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100 Colorado Creatives: Reflections on an arts journalist's year well-spent

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When questioned about what they would do if a mystery patron promised them unlimited funds for life, some said they just wouldn't accept it, while others went ahead and pinned a dream to the query, such as I Heart Denver entrepreneur Samuel Schimek: "I would open my own design house and pull all the creative talent I know into one giant collaborative space with the very best resources, lighting and equipment. Something like the office of Martha Stewart, only everything would be sourced and produced here in Denver. We would roll out a new custom fabric made of all-natural fiber featuring the blue "Mustang," and in the commercials we could say, 'It's a Denver thing,' smile real big and have one of those little sparkles ping on our teeth." Artist Eric Dallimore's wishes went sky-high: "I would have to buy a ticket to fly on a space shuttle and fulfill my lifelong dream of going into space. I have always wanted to be the first photographer in space. I wonder if they would let me hang on the International Space Station? What kind of hardware do you need hang art in space?" Continue reading for more on 100 Colorado Creatives.
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