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3 things to do for free in Denver this week, May 6-9

Experience jaw-dropping emotions without dropping a dime this week. From learning to be a more productive worker and eating free pastries at Denver Coworking Week events to appreciating art and delving into nature at PlatteForum's newest art offering to terrifying yourself at a screening of the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre, assorted activities this week promise exciting, totally free fun. You can find a full listing of all events on our online Westword calendar, and be sure to leave your own suggestions for frugal fun in the comments section below.

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Denver Coworking Week (Monday-Friday) Denver Coworks is an organization that promotes bringing smart, creative people together to get freelance work done. Throughout the week, it will be hosting a variety of events to help build community and give tips to freelancers on how to be more productive. From pastries and workshops Monday at Creative Density to free work sessions, forums and workshops at The Desk, Converge, Green Spaces, Thrive and Shift Workspaces throughout the week, Denver Coworking Week is a great opportunity to make connections and try out these community resources. Get free tickets at the Denver Coworks website.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre at Crash 45 (Tuesday) Blood-Thirsty Theresa's Cruel Summer Horror series kicks off tonight at Crash 45 with drink specials, souvenirs and a screening of the original 1974 Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Enjoy Tobe Hooper's exploitation classic about five friends hunted down by a chain saw-wielding lunatic on the big screen while you eat killer food at the bar.

War Hawk | Peace Dove Opening Reception at PlatteForum (Thursday) During her residency at Denver's PlatteForum, artist Maria Kozak visited the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Conservation Center and the zoology collections at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to gain inspiration for her wildlife paintings. Through depictions of animals feeding and interacting with their environment, Kozak explores humanity's shared characteristics with our animal kingdom relatives. The show will open with a reception tonight, where you can pick the artist's brain about her process.

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