A few memorable quotes from last night's WFTDA roller derby championships

Maybe it's because the skaters have names like Psycho Babble and Britches n' Hose, but the running commentary provided by roller derby announcers can at times sound like narration for an X-rated movie or a horror flick. Yesterday's bout between Denver's Rocky Mountain Rollergirls and the Nashville Rollergirls at the WFTDA Championships, which Denver won easily (198 points to 58 points), was no exception.

Take these quotes, which the announcers boomed over the sound system at the 1STBANK Center in Broomfield as the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls wiped the floor with Nashville.

- "There's DeRanged, giving a little booty pat."

- "Ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it for Girl Parts!"

- "Frida Beater and Britches n' Hose, still going at it!"

- "A whip for Rock Nasty but -- oh! -- she runs into AJ!"

- "Look at Psycho, soliciting the crowd for some cheers and jeers."

- "Leeann Crimes is getting in on the action with Britches n' Hose!"

Stay tuned to Westword this weekend for more roller derby action.

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