A Terrific Trio

In addition to its luscious organic cuisine, the Mercury Cafe has always been known for its live music – everything from punk in the ’80s to alternative rock (including Radiohead's ill-fated first Denver concert, believe it or not) in the ’90s to the quieter sounds of the last few years, including small-combo jazz, musical theater and even solo accordionists. But owner Marilyn Megenity still knows how to put on one hell of a big show in the classy upstairs audience hall, and as part of its Saturday-night concert series, tonight the Merc will bring together three of Denver's greatest jazz voices: Linda Maich, Marguerite Juenemann and Julie Monley. Veterans of stages all around town (not to mention around the world), the trio will fire up the pipes for a bopping set of vintage jazz that should serve as a nice complement to the Merc's regular big-band dance party on Sunday. It may not be Radiohead, but Maich, Juenemann and Monley are sure to sparkle in their own right. The Mercury is at 2199 California Street, and the concert starts at 8 p.m.; admission to the all-ages event is $8. For more information, call 303-294-9281 or visit www.mercurycafe.com; for highly recommended pre-show dinner reservations, call 303-294-9258.
Sat., Nov. 28, 8 p.m., 2009
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Jason Heller
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