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Adam Stone, aka Screw Tooth, Bites Into Indiegogo Campaign for 2015 Projects

Adam Stone, a 2014 Westword MasterMind who often works under the moniker of Screw Tooth, has less than one week left on his indiegogo campaign to raise money for 2015 projects. And he has a lot on his (lower) plate.

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As of January 5, he had only raised $2,065 of Screw Tooth's $9,000 goal on Indiegogo. Stone plans to use the money for independent projects, as well as his collaborations with international artists and Buntport Theater.

Next month he will open two shows: a 3D art show at Cabal Enterprises, coinciding with the release of a joint publication with Mutiny Information Cafe, and a collaboration event with french artists Sam Rictus and Nils Bertho at Buntport. And in May and June, he plans to reveal a brand-new play, which he describes as "a science-fiction horror show like none before it!!" on his Facebook page.

"If it's not engaging its audience in a full and total way, it's not good enough!" he says on the Indiegogo page. And if you watch the video attached to the fundraising page, you'll see that he takes that seriously.

Options for funding range from $10 to $1,000, and each promise a gift of art from one of Screw Tooth's past projects, as well as a special thanks in future programs and on his website.

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