Andrew Novick remembers five desserts featured in Sweet Tooth

Crazed collector Andrew Novick even collects food memories with his camera, and sometimes he shares them with the world, as he does with Sweet Tooth: 1000 Photographs of Desserts (that I ate), an exhibit that opens with a reception from 5 to 11 p.m. tomorrow at cupcake emporium The Shoppe.

We asked Novick to match some of the images with descriptions, but made him stop at five -- and not necessarily for his benefit alone. "This is fun!," he says. "I wish I had enough time to do this for all 1000 photos!"

Enjoy. And don't drool on your keyboard.

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This is a super colorful and fruity dessert from Paxia in northwest Denver.  It is fruit+sorbets+tangy sauces -- and spun sugar on top. It looked and tasted amazing!

I received a pi pie dish for Christmas several years ago. I have consumed many many delicious pies while reciting the digits of pi!

In many other countries, they have the old fryers at McDonald's -- you know, like before they got all "healthy" here with the baked apple pies? Also, many countries have their own varieties of fried pies -- like corn pies in Thailand, azuki bean pies in Japan and  these pineapple and taro pies in China. I had a haupia (coconut pudding) fried pie in Hawaii, too!

Continue reading for more of Andrew Novick's desserts.

Since the Charles Phoenix invention of the Cherpumple, I have been making varieties of a pie baked inside a cake -- I call it a PieCaken -- sometimes with chemical formulas naming the flavors. This is the Lead-Beryllium3 variety -- a triple-berry pie, baked inside a peanut butter cake.

In Japan, there is a beautiful and delicious dessert referred to as Honey Toasto -- it's half of a loaf of bread on its side, with the bread inside removed, cubed and replaced, and then it is briefly re-baked. Ice cream and sauces and candy or chocolate are added on top.  At a cafe in Hong Kong, it was translated to English as "Pillow Toast." We eventually named our business (Gimme Gimme Pillow Toast) after this!

And here's a bonus sneak peek at the special Andrew Novick cupcake, which will be available at the Shoppe tomorrow only.

It's vanilla cake, with lemonade filling and fruit punch frosting...and comes with a fondant tooth!

Very Andrew Novick. Trust us.

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