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Andrew Orvedahl on Those Who Can't, the Grawlix pilot for Amazon

The Grawlix have been one of the brightest lights on the Denver comedy scene for a couple of years now, most successful comedy team not to come out of Denver -- but to live in Denver. Their crowning achievement thus far, though, has got to be this past weekend's premiere of the Those Who Can't sitcom pilot, a hope-to-be series bankrolled by Amazon's new Instant Video. The show revolves around three hopeless Denver high school teachers who entangle themselves in juvenile hijinks that often make their students look like the grown-ups. The Grawlix pilot debuted with several other comedy pilots, including The Onion Presents: The News and a John Goodman/Bill Murray vehicle, Alpha House.

In honor of the release, we recently sat down with a third of the Grawlix pie, wide-eyed innocent Andrew Orvedahl, to chat about the Three Stooges, how high school has changed, and why Adam Cayton-Holland is a manipulative dick.

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