April Fools' Day Steampunk Dance Party tonight at the Mercury Cafe

There are things in this world that really were made to be together. April Fool's Day, for instance, is really nothing more than an excuse to be roguish and weird -- the exact qualities that are the basis for all that is steampunk.

Peanut butter, meet chocolate. April 2011, have some velvet, throw on some goggles. Have and hold until death do you part. The good people at the Mercury Cafe are bringing the two together tonight in an extravaganza appropriately titled the April Fool's Day Steampunk Dance Party.

It is a rare event that encourages its attendees to a) incorporate Victorian frivolity in their manners of speech and dress and b) remain badass; this one promises both.

April Fools' Day became a tradition during the Middle Ages, as a festival during which aristocrats served the 'foolish' peasants. (Treating the impoverished like actual human beings? What madness!) In the interest of paying tribute to these noble origins, the Steampunk Dance Party will treat its attendees -- punks and fringe types, the very scourge of the earth -- like royalty. Besides the bliss of its boisterous and the glorious grunginess of the people inside, the party offers live music, burlesque, cheese, wine, even a screening of The Golden Compass.

The rollicking starts tonight at 6 p.m. and tickets are a mere $12 ($10 if you come in costume). Not sure if your standard swag will be enough for this evening of mischief? Here's a tutorial on how to steampunk anything.

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