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Artist House Tour: North Denver Photographer and Vintage-Goods Hunter Diane Allison

Artist House Tours Series Featuring: Diane Allison of Sloan Lake.

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Editor's note: Indie Design Blogger Jeanne Connolly loves to see how creative people put their houses together. In this series, she'll be sharing some of her favorite homes, by taking us inside the unique private spaces of metro Denver and beyond.

The creative energy bursting out of Denver's art community invigorates Diane Allison, especially the positive vibes that come from her inner art circle. Walk through Diane's zany vintage-inspired home, and it's as though she has bottled up all that good mojo and channeled it straight into its design. Turn the page to read more about what inspires this vintage huntress, photographer and painter.

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Westword: What's in your artist toolbox? Diane Allison: Canon 60D, iPhone, various vintage cameras.

What's your neighborhood? Sloan's Lake, North Denver.

What's your favorite thing about your neighborhood? Family history.

Continue reading for more of Allison's house.

Best local resource? Reed Photo.

Do you rent or own your home? Rent

What's the square footage? 950 square feet

Do you create your art at home? Most definitely.

Define your home's style?

Pee Wee's Playhouse goes to Santa Fe. Tchotchke Delight.

Continue reading for more of Allison's house.

What are your favorite artistic touches? Local artists mixed with vintage finds and refurbished furniture. I tend to gravitate toward primary colors. It is very bright and elementary schoolish.

What inspires you about your home? Every square inch has something of interest to distract and/or draw the eye.

What is your favorite piece? Donkey figurine collection captured in a geometric wood frame that my pops built for these delightful creatures.

Have you had any design challenges? Never. If placed in a corner with a challenge, I immediately change the landscape.

What are your guest's reactions? Reactions range from completely overwhelmed, mystified, elated, to ecstatic.

Have you repurposed any materials in your home? I try to repurpose as much as possible, from attaching cool Puerto Rican Coffee cans to the wall for utensil storage, to redoing scary rental light fixtures.

Continue reading for more of Allison's house. What's your favorite DIY project? Reworking vintage tables and chairs. Finding new use or new homes for discarded items.

Did you indulge in any of your rooms? I feel as though all of my rooms have perhaps been overindulgent.

Best design advice? Always reinvent spaces to showcase favorite items du jour. And of course, more is more.

What's your favorite time of day to create? Evening.

Do you have any creative organization tips? Reuse everything!

Any challenges designing your studio? ? None. Is having too much fun a challenge? Then no.

What is your favorite studio feature? My studio serves so many purposes. So I would say its purposefulness.

Where can we find your artwork?

Online at Anteakbooteek on Etsy, Mangiftvintage on Etsy, Facebook or in person at Sol Shine.

When Jeanne isn't doing House Tours, she is blogging on how to create bohemian style with both vintage and recycled materials.

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