Artists! Pull up a chair for the Big Chair Project Art Show in Manitou Springs

Colorado Springs artist Sean O'Meallie and the

Business of Art Center

put on a once-in-a-lifetime show last October, when they brought the

Manitou Chair Project
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a 600-chair conga line down the middle of the main drag in Manitou Springs at sunrise

-- to fruition. We liked it so much we named it one of our favorite

Fifteen Arts Events of 2012

, and apparently they did, too. Because while the chairs are gone, the show goes on in Manitou.

Now the organizers are turning the chair theme over to artists everywhere with the Big Chair Project Art Show, set to open at BAC on March 2. A call for entries is out, asking for either Chair Project-inspired art or any kind of art-on-a-chair. Here's the come-on:

Make a chair, Paint a chair, Draw a chair, Sculpt a chair, Photograph a chair, Write about a chair, Act with a chair, Play music in a chair, Dance with a chair, Sing about a chair, create a chair Video, or just be creative with the idea of a chair!

Send digital images or descriptions to Liz@thebac.org with "Chair Art" in the subject line by February 24. There is a $5 entry fee per piece, and awards will be given in several categories, from Best Craftsmanship to Most Expressive. For more details, visit the BAC or Manitou Chair Project websites.

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