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Reader: Ready to Hop on the Coronavirus Express?

Kaleidoscape is just one of the attractions locked behind closed doors at Elitch Gardens.
Kaleidoscape is just one of the attractions locked behind closed doors at Elitch Gardens. Kyle Harris
Disney World is reopening today in Florida. But here in Denver, Elitch Gardens ā€” which had originally hoped to open on April 11 ā€” remains closed.

"At this time, we are still planning to open the park this season," Elitch Gardens Marketing Manager Jolie DuBois told Westword this week. "We are working closely with state and local authorities, and hope to have news soon."

And some readers eagerly await that news. Says Ronnie:
I feel bad for Elitch's. They've really been trying, and the city has been slamming the door in their face the whole time. It's even more sad considering the science that has shown that the virus rarely... if at all... spreads outdoors.
Adds Cheyenne: 
Yay! Iā€™d love to go on a ride!
Replies Joe
Yeah, hop on the coronavirus express.
Suggests Evan:
If Elitch's opens, then every business in the city should be open with no restrictions.
Responds Colleen:
Coronavirus likes this.
Concludes Jason:
2020 is so over.
With coronavirus cases on the rise right now in Denver, don't expect the city to allow Elitch Gardens to reopen soon. But then, positive cases are skyrocketing in Florida, home of Disney World.

This could be one wild ride.

What do you think about Disney World opening? Elitch Gardens remaining closed? If it opens this summer, would you go? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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