Beer Bonanza

Three days, 400 breweries, 1,700 beers and — finally — me.

Although the Great American Beer Festival has earned a spot on my calendar for each of the three glorious years I've lived in the Mile High City, the fest always comes to a close without me wetting my whistle a single time — probably because my hopes of extra tickets showing up at the Westword office or a dear friend or beer fairy kicking me back always fall flat, and by the time I muster up the motivation to buy a ticket (available at, they've all been sold.

Did I mention I'm 0 for 3?

Not this year, though, because I've already secured a ticket for tonight, the first of three nights of guaranteed drunkenness — although, according to the website, the fest's not solely about drinking beer; it's also a brewers' competition in which judges will dish out best-beer titles, and where regular old alkies like myself can dip in to meet with a judge and learn about how one beer is deemed the champion among so many.

There will also be book signings, a silent disco, a seminar for women in brewing and experts who will teach the drunken masses who've descended upon the Colorado Convention Center (at 700 14th Street) which beers pair best with which foods, ranging from barbecue to cheese.

A liquid diet will do just fine for me, thanks.
Oct. 11-13, 5:30-10 p.m., 2007

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Luke Turf