Bert the Conqueror takes on Colorado

How's this for a job: You ride a bunch roller coasters, and then you make a television show about you riding a bunch of roller coasters. That's pretty much the job of the Travel Channel's Bert Kreischer, better known as Bert the Conqueror, whose show features him traveling to thrilling places experiencing the best, weirdest and most dangerous of the local entertainment. This week, he's taking in some of ours.

He started out yesterday with a visit to Elitch Gardens, where he rode the Twister II, and today he heads up to Glenwood Springs to check out the

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

, specifically the park's Giant Canyon Swing, which launches folks over the edge of the canyon wall for a vertigo-inducing glimpse 1,300 feet down to the valley floor -- meaning if you vomited, it would take like five minutes for it to hit the ground. Jk, it would really just whip back and hit you in the face. That's science, people.

Lastly, on Saturday, he'll be heading up to Cañon City to try out a little white-water rafting at the prison capitol of Colorado's Raft Rodeo.

The Colorado episode will air on Sunday, July 10, at 6 p.m. on the Travel Channel. Fingers crossed for vomit.

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