BMX roof jump fail: Your moment of lulz

Sometimes failure is more successful than success. Consider the case of a then-unknown Evel Knievel's attempted 1967 motorcycle jump over the fountain at Cesar's Palace: He botched it, breaking an absurd amount of bones and ending up in a 29-day coma as a result -- but in what was arguably the first example of a viral fail video, it was the footage of that accident that made him wildly famous. Carrying on that proud and injury-prone legacy is this guy.

It's not every day that you can read people's thoughts with pinpoint accuracy, but there are two examples of that very phenomenon occurring here. One: there is precisely one second in this video where the only thought in this bicyclist's mind is "Oh... shit." Two: At that exact second, deep in the most secret heart of everyone watching, there is a tiny glimmer of hope that he will fail. Human beings, as we know, are fundamentally awful, and at least half of the reason we watch stunts like this is that we're kind of hoping it goes terribly awry. That's the raison d'être of blooper reels and fail videos, anyway.

And so we thank you, brave bicyclist, and all the heroes who risk their health and livelihood to do really insane shit for our entertainment. Thanks for the lulz.

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Jef Otte
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