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Attack the Block -- the Joe Cornish flick bought to you by Edgar Wright, geek god director of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World -- is an absurdly great movie. It's the kind of work that inspires kids to become filmmakers, because it's so effective and well-constructed that even the youngest, simplest mind can generally understand that it has something important to say while simultaneously being in a realm of cinematic quality that is, for lack of a better word- elite. And the film does this while being hilarious, exciting, pulpy and entertaining (omg do you remember when movies were entertaining and good?). Yet there are no plans to expand its release to Denver. Somebody think of the fucking children!

Attack the Block has, essentially, the same logline plot as Super 8, the difference of course being that it's not a mediocre piece of work with an awful scipt, given an "it's awesome!" pass by an audience lost in the glittery light of Spielberg aping. It tells the story of an alien-landing in the South London inner city and the gang of kids that oppose the beginnings of an invasion, led by street tough and natural born leader/survivor Moses, played by John Boyega, who kinda looks and acts like the love child of Denzel Washington and 50 Cent, except better looking and tougher and smarter and way more badass.

ATB doesn't need to look or sound like old school Amblin entertainment -- it is old school Amblin entertainment, because that feeling geeks talk about getting in their hearts that reminds them of the first time they saw ET or The Gremlins has nothing to do with childhood or recognizing a specific music cue and everything to do with the sudden innate understanding that they are watching something timeless and completely, solidly effective in both the external (plot, cinematography) and the internal (character, subtext) that works perfectly, regardless of age.

You need to see this movie. Don't believe me? Edgar Wright wants you to see this movie. Spike Lee wants you to see this movie. Joe Dante wants you to see this movie.

Right now Attack the Block is playing in just eight cities. On August 19th, it's expanding to six more. Boston, D.C., Atlanta, Orlando, Dallas and a city to be determined by demand -- by voting on the movie's Facebook wall. Denver has 117 votes so far. Phoenix, Arizona, has 197.

Fuck Phoenix.

You gonna let Phoenix's nerds/hipsters/awesome culture appreciation committee prove that they care more about awesome than us? Hell no, Mile High City.

Get over to that Facebook page. And you get to fucking clicking.

Go. See. Attack. The. Block. It'll be the best movie you see this year, hands down.

Be a #blockhead.

Believe, bruv.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.