Broomfield Artist Combines Love and Luck in New Exhibit

Friday the 13th and Valentine’s Day are back-to-back this year. While the two dates might not seem to have much in common, artist Tom Cross is taking advantage of this opportunity to launch his new exhibit, Friday the 13th Valentine - Unlucky and Love.

“Some folks talk about love and luck, or lack of love and lack of luck,” Cross says. “This show presents parts of my collection that represent both love and luck: the good, the bad, the dark and the light when it comes to each.” The multi-media artist will host an opening reception of his exhibit on Friday, February 13 at the Tom Cross Gallery in Broomfield.

Cross has been an artist for more than 45 years, but his body of work has gone largely unseen. That's because h made a living as a tattoo artist and never felt the need to sell his art. “I’m just constantly painting, drawing, making things, putting things together,” he says. “I’m now 65 and I’m kind of burnt on the tattooing and I have a good crew that works for me that is mainly my family. I think it’s time to start putting the art much more out there.”

He’s doing so by putting on art shows in his tattoo studio/art gallery, which is housed in a refurbished 1953 gas station. The new show will feature original paintings, masks, hand-painted clothing and more.

The opening reception for Friday the 13th Valentine - Unlucky and Love runs from 6 to 9 p.m. on Friday, February 13 at Tom Cross Gallery/Smokey Banana Tattoo; the exhibit runs through March 11. For more information, check out Cross' Facebook page

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Nathalia Vélez
Contact: Nathalia Vélez