Buzz Kill: The Knapper twins' favorite street artists

Corey and Jesse Knapper, a pair of art-school students who were arrested for pasting massive posters on the sides of buildings, are the focus of "Buzz Kill," this week's cover story.

Some people call their work vandalism, some call it art, some call it both. Their graphic poster art is reminiscent of pieces by Shepard Fairey, so it's no surprise that the man who created Obama's iconic "Hope" poster makes the list of the the twins' fave street artists.

Here are the Knappers' top five:

5. Shepard Fairey He created the Obama "Hope" poster now hanging in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. The street artist whose primary form is wheat-pasting (a Knappers favorite) has also been arrested on multiple occasions. 4. Banksy The man behind the Academy Award-nominated documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop is an elusive street-art figure from Bristol, England. He mostly uses stencils to create his visual messages, which are usually political. 3. Posterboy Most of his work plays off visuals and words found on posters. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's cutting and sometimes it borders on obscene. 2. JR This French street artist won the 2011 TED prize, which awards $100,000 for "one wish to change the world." His wish was to use art to turn the world inside out. He mostly flyposts (a process similar to wheat-pasting) massive black-and-white photographs. 1. "All the writers and graffitti crews keeping the streets of Colorado interesting," Jesse Knapper says.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.