Cheap salsa classes at the Rio provide something to do with your Tuesday

Of all the days of the week, Tuesday is perhaps the one most conducive to despair, the one that really drives home the boredom of the working week and the one where there's the least to do outside of the workaday drudgery. Which makes it all the more important to suck it up and get out of the house to do something constructive -- and what's more constructive than learning how to dance, which gives you the twin benefits of distracting your partner from yelling at you and helping with the obesity? Tonight, and every Tuesday night in the upstairs bar of the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant down in Littleton, you can do just that, for real cheap.

If you don't know the first thing about dancing, not to worry: The class is set up for absolute beginners. "Every week we start from the very beginning," says instructor Molly Elkins. "So we just teach the basics, pair people up, teach people the basic patterns and then one fun easy intermediate pattern. The lesson is very accessible: basic footwork, basic styling and technique, and of course, salsa music."

Also, she adds, "The Rio normally has drink or food specials."

And during the lesson, don't expect to just keep to yourself; the class pairs people up at random to get them used to dancing with a variety of partners -- Elkins says that helps with learning; plus, she says, you don't have to show up as a couple. A lot of people just show up.

After the lesson, there's a couple of hours of free dancing with DJs where you can get your practice on -- if you're brave enough, with people who know something. One of the benefits of this night, says Elkins, is that the more experienced dancers are normally willing to teach. "There's a lot of beginners here, and there's a lot of good dancers who come, too, but they're very friendly, and they're willing to dance with beginners. It's a really good way to learn."

The lesson starts at 7:30 p.m. and lasts an hour, followed by dancing until 10:30; the cover for the whole shebang is just $5. For more information, call the Rio at 303-799-4999.

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Jef Otte
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