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Clean comedian John Crist loves Katt Williams, and is loved by Denver's dirtiest standups

John Crist has comfortably rooted himself in the world of Christian comedy, crafting niche-specific jokes that kill with the straight-laced Colorado Springs crowd. Yet somehow -- miraculously! -- he's also cultivated a respectable reputation in Denver's underground community, where the dirtiest of the dirty are constantly in search of socio-political boundaries. After recently appearing on the Fine Gentleman Club's comedy podcast, Too Much Fun, Crist will be hosting the first round of the Funny Final Four this Wednesday at Comedy Works, assembling a team of his favorite local comics to compete, tournament style.

We recently caught up with this standup diplomat to chat dirty comedy, the Denver scene, and why so many have a knee-jerk response to "Christian comedy."

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Josiah M. Hesse
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