Colorado ID cuts coke but not tension on HBO's Girls

On "Bad Friend," the episode of the zeitgeist-courting HBO comedy Girls that aired Sunday, the characters decide to buy some coke and indulge in cocaine-related hijinks. At one point, Lena Dunham's character, Hannah, and Andrew Rannell's Elijah are seen chopping out lines on a toilet seat and the camera lingers on the implement of choice: Elijah's Colorado ID. See also: - Of Mice and Menver - Video: Adam Cayton-Holland makes his late-night TV debut on Conan - An ode to Suburu, the unofficial car of Colorado

Turns out the character hails from the fictional mash-up town of Boulder Springs -- which is funny, because Boulder and Colorado Springs would sooner fight a civil war than be mashed up.

Anyway, as far as Girls episodes go, "Bad Friend" is disappointing. It did, however, lead to an amusing thought exercise about what Girls would be like if the show were set in Denver rather than Brooklyn.

To begin with, in this city the easily offended Hannah could certainly afford her own apartment, with enough space for both her and her pretensions. Since men outnumber women in Denver -- unlike in New York City, where the reverse is true -- a Denver version of Girls would entail much less dickish behavior from its menfolk. Since there are fewer women here, Denver guys have to try harder to keep their weird sexual requests to themselves.

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