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Comment of the day: "She was the spawn of Satan"

Cats are weird. As a rule, they pretty much just do what they want all the time, and what they want to do is usually spastic and inscrutable and occasionally evil -- which is why, when we heard about the Springtime in the Rockies Cat Show this weekend, we knew we had to go (don't miss Cory Lamz's report on the action). And we wanted to make sure you didn't miss out, either, dear reader, so on Friday, we asked you to tell us your best cat stories for a chance to win two gleaming free tickets to the show. The winner? GLittle's story about Muffin, a cat with the "fires of hell in her eyes."

When my ex and I first got my cat we named her Muffin. She seemed so sweet at the pound. Once she got a little bit older I realized that not only was she not sweet, she was in fact the spawn of Satan. Her name was promptly change to Devil Kitteh (or DK for short). She scratches, bites, knocks over glasses of water onto my head while I sleep, attacks people in the middle of the night, and she chases her tail as though it's not attached to her body (she's almost 5)....

Devil Kitteh is quite famous in my group of friends. The relationship always starts the same: friend comes over, sees beautiful DK (she really is quite an attractive cat), starts to pet her, I send out the warning, "careful she is really evil," the response is usually, "Oh don't worry, cats love me." After a few seconds of petting and purring, she lashes out and curls up around the hand attacking with her mouth and all 4 paws, claws out.

To prove even more the reputation DK has in my circle of friends, after putting up a picture of her on Facebook staring right into the camera, I received these comments:
-"I HATE you stop staring at me!"
-"the face of the devil.....you can see the fires of hell in her eyes"
-"omg i just got chills...ewww..."
-"her eyes are black holes"
-"baahhhahahahaha stupid kitteh!!!!!!!!"

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.