Comment of the day: "The three books are well written"

In case the Oprah Book Club and Barnes & Noble's reading recommendations weren't enough to get you to read generic best-sellers, the One Book, One Denver program is here to help: Once again, Arts and Venues Denver's nominations for the contest that determines what all Denver shall read ignores local authors in favor of what's already popular nationwide -- a tiresome habit we bitched about last week. Reader Eric, however, disagrees with our assessment of what's on the table.

Obviously you haven't read any of these books, nor do you seem to have the capacity to understand why they are chosen. I get why you might have angst that "it's all about Seattle" but get over it. The three books are well-written and deserving of a little praise. Oh, and check your facts next time. Hotel On the Corner Of Bitter And Sweet is still on the NYTBSL.

Thanks for that nit-picky bit of fact-checking, Eric, but you are incorrect: That book is not on the New York Times Bestseller List. More importantly, though, we clearly don't understand why these books were chosen, since that's pretty much what that entire post was about.

We will, however, be offering AVD some suggestions on Colorado authors to include next time -- stay tuned for our upcoming series on the books with in-state ties that we love.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.