Comment of the day: Watch your back, Neustifter

Contrary to popular cultural belief, not all cosplayers are mouth-breathing weirdos with no social skills -- in fact, the vast majority of them are just normal folks who like to represent their fanhood by dressing up, and what's so strange about that? That's the gist of Thorin Klosowski's post yesterday, where he reflected on the nature of cosplay after a weekend at StarFest, and reader Aimee L. Matheny appreciates that. If her further comments are any indication, though, it's not to say that cosplayers don't take their adopted personae seriously.


neustifter's just lucky we didn't capture him and sell him to a neighboring tribe for gasoline and smokes.

seriously, though, thoughtful commentary. thanks.

You're welcome, Aimee. We're just glad we're not Brent Neustifter.

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