CREEP! -- a movie about a monster movie -- meets money goal, plans to start filming

The rug monster is coming back to life.

In 1964, the monster -- which, BTW, looks like a combination penis-and-vagina -- was the star of the (terrible) monster movie The Creeping Terror. Now, thanks to more than $70,000 raised through Kickstarter, a brand-new version of the rug monster will grace the silver screen in Colorado Springs-based director Pete Schuermann's CREEP! It's about the making of The Creeping Terror, a movie that was the brainchild of a psychopath.

CREEP! is part documentary, part narrative film. It tells the story of Art Nelson, the violent adulterer behind The Creeping Terror, considered one of the worst low-budget monster movies ever made. Schuermann first saw it on television when he was a teenager in the late '70s. He and his brother, both creature feature aficionados, became fascinated by the awful goodness of The Creeping Terror, and they even started a fan club for the movie -- a long-running interest that eventually grew into CREEP!

"Most people think it's going to be a spoofy remake of an old monster movie, and that's not what it is," Schuermann says. Instead, he describes it as "a character study of the person who made the movie" -- a man who went by the pseudonym Vic Savage.

The money raised through Kickstarter will allow the movie to begin filming on June 25. The first shooting location will be the Colorado College campus. "We're lucky because in Colorado Springs here, a lot of the locations look a lot like the Glendale, California, location where the film takes place," Schuermann says.

The movie is scheduled to be filmed over 35 days in June, July, August and September. "Our goal is to wrap shooting by the first snow," Schuermann says. If all goes well, he figures a director's cut of CREEP! will be available for the festival circuit by Christmas.

Even though CREEP! exceeded its $65,000 Kickstarter goal, the film is still very low-budget. Many of the actors and crew are volunteering or working for cheap. But the monster is a different story. Currently stored in a barn, the 9-foot-tall-by-18-foot-wide behemoth has its own trailer, in which it will be shuttled to and from the shoot.

And what about the folks who donated $5,000 and were promised a role as one of the rug monster's victims? Schuermann says none are eager to claim their prize -- and he can't blame them. "I wouldn't crawl in the thing," he says. "I'd probably hurt my back."

Watch a trailer of CREEP! below.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.