Denver Art Museum Looking for Its Next Creative-in-Residence

The Denver Art Museum is on the hunt for a local artist to be its summer creative-in-residence. This paid position will have one goal: producing "transformative experiences for visitors," according to a statement from the museum.

"This residency challenges the DAM and our creative-in-residence to work collaboratively with each other and, most importantly, with our visitors," according to the museum. "Taking the DAM’s collection as inspiration, our creative-in-residence will work onsite at the DAM to develop a participatory project that utilizes their unique talents and vision. We hope that this residency can help to transform visitor experiences, stimulate active participation in the creative process, and build the DAM’s internal capacity to push boundaries."

DAM has an expansive understanding of creatives. In the past, the museum has given the gig to composer and sound artist Nathan Hall, hacker Mar Williams and the Flobots.

This year's residency starts in May and goes through August. During the first month, the creative will work with DAM staff to develop a project that will last for the remainder of the residency.

The chosen creative will receive a $7,500 honorarium, a $2,000 stipend for materials and a variety of other perks, including DAM membership for a year.

You can can apply for DAM's Creative-in-Residence program here. The deadline is noon on April 7.

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