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Ten Things to Do in Denver for Under $10 (Seven Free), April 14-16

It's a special weekend for the cosplayers.
It's a special weekend for the cosplayers. Danielle Lirette

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Blank Generation
Sie FilmCenter
12 p.m. Saturday, $11

This might be the first time we've had to stretch your pocketbook, but we promise the extra dollar is completely worth it. In celebration of Basquiat Weekend, presented by the MCA, this is really your only chance to be a part of it after other events were sold out or just too pricey. Transport yourself to 1976 New York City, when it was cool and CBGB was the place to be. Patti Smith, the Ramones, the Dolls and many more are featured in the art documentary Blank Generation. There's also a screening of The Foreigner and Wild Style later in the day.

Stories From the Past: Booker T. Washington's Great-Grandson
Pauline Robinson Branch Library
2 p.m. Saturday, free

Meet the direct descendant of one of the most influential individuals in our country's history. Booker T. Washington was born during slavery, but rose to become a leader for civil rights and an advisor to the president. Learn more about the man and his mission from family stories and personal photographs that his great-grandson, Eric Hughes, was generous enough to provide.

Book Release: Dave Paco & Sonny Kay
Mutiny Information Cafe
7 p.m. Saturday, free

Get excited to read two new local books at this release party at Mutiny. Dave Paco unveils his newest endeavor, The Bodyguard Travel Companion Cookbook: A Vegan Food Guide for Mexico and Central America, which is a must-read if you love food, travel or conscious eating. Sonny Kay is also set to release his collections of trippy album-cover art with Headspaces: Surrealistic Album Art & Collage. While that book will visually stimulate the senses, the live performance by Git Some is sure to tickle your ears.
click to enlarge It's a Nerdtopia at Alchemy. - DANIELLE LIRETTE
It's a Nerdtopia at Alchemy.
Danielle Lirette
Club Cosplay Denver
Alchemy Arts and Events
7 p.m. Saturday, $5-$10

Sounds like they have a paradise for cosplay and nerd fans going on at this one. The "Nerdtopia" features bands, cosplay hosts, celebrities, collectibles and so much more. Click here to get tickets and the entire rundown of the party.
Free day of Knockerball
Mamie D. Eisenhower Park
11 a.m. Sunday, free

This is just a silly excuse to try something new and a little wild. It looks crazy, but you can't really get hurt doing it, so you'll still be able to walk into work on Monday.
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