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Denver Film Society's Joanna Cintrón Named 2015 Coors Light Líder of the Year

After two long months of public voting and friendly campaigning, Coors Light just announced that the Denver Film Society’s Joanna Cintrón has been named the 2015 Coors Light Líder of the Year.

The honor comes with a $25,000 grant from Coors Light that Cintrón will use to introduce a Latino leadership project at the DFS. “It is an honor to be chosen to represent the Denver Film Society and CineLatino as the 2015 Coors Light Líder,” she says. “Coors Light is committed to investing in the professional development of emerging Latino leaders, and I am excited to use the $25,000 grant to expand the Denver Film Society’s efforts to promote diversity in front of and behind the camera.”

Cintrón was one of just twelve shining stars nominated nationally for their leadership and willingness to contribute to their local communities. Cintrón is DFS's marketing and communications manager, but it was her role as co-founder of CineLatino, the annual film festival that showcases the best Latino films from around the world, that really propelled her nomination. This was a banner year for the fest, which included a special segment during last month’s 38th Denver Film Festival.

“This award will help to grow CineLatino and allow for us to reach a larger audience by bringing special guests, hosting workshops and panels and allowing for us to even seed some locally based Latino themed productions,” Cintrón says.

Since 2006, the Coors Light Líderes program has honored and underscored the achievements of many rising Latino leaders. “JoAnna is a tireless advocate to promote the voices of Latino filmmakers in her community. We are delighted to recognize her work and partner with her on a program that will benefit the Latino community in Denver,” says Alberto Senior, director of community commerce and partnerships for MillerCoors.

“This new year of being a Coors Light Líder means that I get the privilege of sharing the things I am most passionate about and inspire me the most with an audience, and my hope is that those things inspire and move them as well,” says Cintron. “The exciting part is, film can inspire people in so many ways, and I am eager to see the ways in which a more robust CineLatino program can educate, entertain and inspire — and what the ultimate impact on the community will be.”

To learn more about the Líderes program, visit; to follow the progress of the gift at the Denver Film Society, go to
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