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New Club Helps Foster Adult Friendships

Denver Girl's Club is becoming a big success.
Denver Girl's Club is becoming a big success. Courtesy Maiya Mindoro
In January, 24-year-old Colorado native Maiya Mindoro was inspired to create a group of like-minded women looking to form meaningful connections. She used social media to begin the Denver Girl’s Club, a free community for women in their twenties and thirties to network and meet new friends.

“I have a lot of friends in the Denver area that I adore, but I definitely wanted to get outside of my bubble,” Mindoro says. “I started posting some videos asking if anyone would want to get coffee or want to hang out. I was getting crazy amounts of response, which was awesome, so I was like, ‘Okay, maybe there’s something there.’”

The Denver Girl’s Club has hosted two events since its inception, and its next will be on Wednesday, May 11, at the Weathered Wick, where guests will be able to create custom candles. It’s the club’s second event at that venue, after a successful turnout in March.

“People responded really well to that, so I wanted to do it again and open it up for more people to join and alter it based on what I learned from the last event, so hopefully each event can be better than the last,” Mindoro says. “This time we will be offering different sizes of candles and price points, so it’ll really be up to members on how much they would like to spend.”

Mindoro held her first non-ticketed event in early January at Avanti, where she arrived an hour early, nervous that no one would show up. Despite her qualms, twenty women came, eager to put themselves out there and talk about their interests.

“I didn’t realize there were so many women in my age range who would potentially want to meet up with a stranger,” Mindoro says. “After Avanti, I realized that, especially after COVID, there’s such a big want and need for connection, and seeing the great response I’ve gotten compels me to continue.”

The group currently has over 1,000 members, and Mindoro attributes its success to the need for community. “The world has changed so much in the past few years, and people were lacking an outlet, so it makes me so happy to be able to provide that,” Mindoro says.

Mindoro also attributes support from the community and local businesses to the club's growth.

“It wasn’t initially intentional to hold events with only small businesses; it just kind of happened that way. Small businesses have always been a passion of mine. It feels good supporting small businesses, and they are always so accommodating,” Mindoro says.

She makes it a goal to have at least one ticketed event per month, with some spontaneous, non-ticketed happy hours popping up every now and then. The Denver Girl’s Club’s group chat and sub chats hosted via GroupMe also offer plenty of opportunities for members to fraternize outside of ticketed events.

“Tickets for the events always sell out so quickly, but I see people in the group chat all the time finding ways to connect outside of events, whether it’s getting drinks, brunch or hiking,” Mindoro says. There are all kinds of connections that go on within the group chat, and it’s fun to watch.”

While Mindoro has a full-time career and a social media following of her own to keep her occupied, she has no plans to slow the club down.

“It's my baby, so I want to make sure I’m putting in a lot of effort that’s going to produce quality work. I really appreciate that so many others want to help and want to do stuff, that I just really feel compelled to make this come to life in the way that I’ve envisioned it,” Mindoro says.

At the end of the day, Mindoro is grateful for what she’s been able to create, and hopes it continues to serve its purpose of uniting women for many days to come.

“I know I’m not going to have 1,000 new bridesmaids, but the fact that one person made a genuine connection with someone else is enough for me to want to continue, and it makes me feel really good,” she concludes. “I think it’s meant to be.”

The Denver Girl’s Club will meet on Wednesday, May 11, for candle-making sessions at 5, 6 and 7 p.m. at the Weathered Wick, 3316 Tejon Street, #106. Tickets are $65-$85.
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