DUER Bringing Shop Hop to RiNo This Weekend

Retail therapy for RiNo this weekend!
Retail therapy for RiNo this weekend! DU/ER
With restrictions lifted, retail stores in RiNo are back in business...and now some want to give back to the community.

DUER, a Canadian clothing brand with a store at 2654 Walnut Street, is hosting a RiNo Shop Hop starting today, July 23, and running through Sunday, July 25, with DUER and other participating retailers donating a portion of sales this weekend to the RiNo ArtPark effort.

"We like to get to know our neighbors and community as soon as we enter new markets," explains DUER co-founder Gary Lenett. "That said, given that we opened in the midst of a pandemic, we haven't had the opportunity to build those relationships at all until now."

DUER opened its first U.S. store in Denver in the midst of the pandemic.

“As soon as we landed in RiNo, we realized how important art is to the community here. When we were looking at organizations to partner with, we noticed ArtPark, and we realized it's spending a lot of energy and resources building community spaces," says DUER brand marketing director Nadia Gillies. "This is the first opportunity we’ve had to do something in the community with the neighboring retailers."

Aside from offering discounts to customers, participating stores will donate a portion of sales to the RiNo ArtPark campaign. Earlier this year, Denver City Council approved leasing two buildings in the middle of open space in the area for the RiNo ArtPark effort; the RiNo Art District is planning a grand opening of the complex at the end of September. The buildings are being transformed into a neighborhood hub dedicated to education, historic preservation and creative support for artists, families and others in the community; ArtPark will be partnering with the Denver Public Library on programming and hosting an artist residency program with the RiNo Art District.

The concept aligns with DUER's values, Lenett says: "We selected the RiNo ArtPark as a partner because we realized quickly the role that art plays within the community. The fact that RiNo ArtPark is dedicating energy and resources to create outdoor community spaces for people to enjoy seemed like a great project for us to get behind."

During the Shop Hop, DUER will be having a storewide sale; the first ten shoppers of the day will each get a free pair of jeans. (Hint: The shop is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.) Topo Designs, the Museum for Black Girls, False Ego, Adult Entertainment and Shop Recital will also participate in the event. Find out more here.
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