Denver's best parks for bicycling

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Along with all the other things that Denver is friendly for, bicycling is definitely at the top of the priority list. We have Denver's B-Cycle program, bike trails, designated bike lanes in automobile traffic areas, and even constructed bike terrain parks for the extremists.

Here is a list of the five best parks to ride your bike in, or ride your bike to, or simply both. Either way, you are guaranteed to have a good time on your magnificently simple piece of two wheel machinery. While Trestle Bike Park was named Denver's Best Mountain Bike Park in the 2012 Best of Denver issue, these parks are good if you'd like a smoother surface, too.

City Park City Park offers bicycle enthusiast's unmatched views, and odors, like any other trail or park in the city. As the neighbor to the Denver Zoo, The Nature and Science Museum, and just on the border of the bustling Colorado Boulevard, the City Park bike path twists and turns pasts duck ponds, civil rights memorials, and lush greenery that makes the ride both easy, and interesting. With a full 7.5 miles of bike paths, City Park offers one of the longest, and most interesting bike paths in the city. Washington Park Winner of our Best Park for Cycling, Washington Park is the best place for cruising, training, or simply leisurely enjoying the wonderful views provided by other recreational lovers from all over Denver. The park packs out during the summer with volleyball, soccer, and other forms of sports, but the real fun is in cruising the perimeter, people watching as you pass, or racing against yourself...at speeds not exceeding 15 miles per hour, for safety reasons. Also, you can rent bike-cars and tri-cycles to cruise around with your young ones. Denver Skate Park Not your typical bicycle park, but the Denver Skate Park is a public park like any other in the city. The circumference is minimal, one-quarter mile at most, but the terrain is enjoyable, and the entertainment is on high. D-Park, as the locals call it, fills up with your typical skate shop grommet and your local pros, all flipping and grinding around the various ramps and obstacles. For anyone passing by on a bike, it's open and totally fun to pass through. Cheesman Park Just atop Capitol Hill sits Cheesman Park, a lovely green field nestled merely a few blocks east of downtown Denver. The bike path is a simple up and down trail that only runs 1.6 miles, but the altitude change is pretty strong for such a short track. It's an easy ride with great places to stop to enjoy scenery of our city. Confluence Park The Confluence Park run on the Cherry Creek trail is pretty short at just one mile, but that mile offers the rider an easy run up the river. Starting at the flagship REI location, Confluence Park is the meeting of two rivers, and often the final destination for many riding on the Cherry Creek trail. Don't get to excited though, the signs posted all over the park warn riders, and families for that matter, that the water is probably toxic, and may rot your skin right off your body.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.