Denver's Silhouettes and Lys Agnes hold on for dear life in America's Got Talent finals

It's coming close to the end for Denver's two remaining acts on America's Got Talent, and tonight will be sure to keep us on the edge of our seat for news of whether one or both of them succeed in continuing to wow audiences nationwide.

Dance troupe Silhouettes and operatic singer Lys Agnes are the two finalists still remaining. Extreme shallow-water diver Professor Splash was eliminated in the semifinals.

Silhouettes appear to be the act to bank on, as Agnes doesn't appear to have too much support following an abused rendition of Aerosmith's "Dream On." Also, with ages ranging from 4 to 19, Silhouettes are getting the feel-good, heartwarming pull we all love to see when kids succeed. Judge Morgan even said that their performance last night was "the best performance tonight by a mile."

Not that Agnes doesn't have her own carpe diem back story: The singer gave up on her dream for nearly two years after the death of her fiancé. After so much mourning, she up and quit her retail job to devote herself full-time to music.

Not caught up to date? Check out the latest performances here before tonight's elimination.

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