Disturbingly close to Halloween, more skeletons discovered in Cheesman Park

It's a story that would chill the bones of anyone who's ever seen Poltergeist: In the 1890s, the city of Denver decided to convert a disused cemetery into what is now Cheesman park, hiring the unscrupulous contractor E.W. McGovern to perform the work of moving the bodies -- except instead of moving them in an orderly fashion, McGovern and his men desecrated them, hacking them up and cramming them three at a time into too-small coffins, strewing them around in a scene that one Denver newspaper of the time said "sickened and horrified everybody." McGovern was eventually fired, but work remained to be done -- and here's the really creepy part: The City never finished the job!

Which means, of course, that there are still bodies buried under the quiet facade of Cheesman -- and if there's anything we learned from Poltergeist, it's that dead people really dislike not being buried in graveyards clearly designated as such. Not that last week's discovery by irrigation workers of yet more dead bodies buried under the park is anything new; it seems like another one gets dug up every few years or so.

And yet... and yet the fact that these particular bodies were discovered the week of Halloween -- well that just portends of something awful, doesn't it? In fact, we already know the awful thing that it portends of, and that thing is this:

Don't say we didn't warn you.

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