"Don't Hug Me I'm Scared" is terrifying, bloody mess

Encapsulating everything that is creepy about talking inanimate objects created in the name of children's television programming, this new video from the London-based This Is It Collective is just that: creepy. The short begins innocently enough, with a small cast of sort-of identifiable characters sitting around a table and sing-talking about being "creative."

The vacant eyes and choppy movements of the figures certainly send waves of unease to a viewer, but initially, the video seems like it is actually made for children. Quickly, though, the creators zero in on adult insecurities about self-expression, before going into the perils of creativity.

Such dangers lead to glitter-covered animal organs (real, bloody ones, not made from the felt everything else in this video is made of), seizures and death. But just as quickly as the characters are served a gory meat cake, everything goes back to normal. And, much like any other kid's show, the lesson learned is reiterated at the end of the segment.

That lesson? Never be creative. Unless you want to die.

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