Dreams & Directions showcases poetry by DPS elementary school students

Dreams & Directions, the fourth annual anthology of poetry written by Denver Public Schools elementary school students, will be released at a celebration from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. today at the Tattered Cover in LoDo. DPS teacher Steve Replogle compiled the work, which DPS superintendent Tom Boasberg calls "an inspiring collection of writing that is warm, smart, funny, and moving."

Here's his sneak peak of some of these remarkable poems:

'I Want A World' --Hamza Hema, 4th grade, McMeen Elementary School

I want a world with peace and no war so no loved ones have to die I want a world with fresh breathable air and no crazy wildfires I want a world with no terrorist dictators making bad choices I want a world where everyone has food, shelter, and clothes I want a world where everyone gets a good education and a great job I want a world where everyone's dreams come true

'Something's Missing' --Elise Dapper, 4th grade, Park Hill Elementary School

There is something missing in my mouth What went there got lost in my houth I sound like a silly gooth What's missing is my tooth!

'Our Playground' --Leo Barreras-Garcia, kindergarten, Barrett Elementary School

I like the playground One yellow slide Two green swings Three cool friends

'Mother's Day' --José Saldivar, 2nd grade, Knapp Elementary School

Mommy, mom! The planets will fall from the sky POOM! Pluto fell down due to its beauty AH-CHOO! You make people sneeze with such soft hair POP! Your dress is so shiny, people's eyes pop out!

'Help' --Mikaila Gabbett, 2nd grade, Asbury Elementary School

Recycle you must The world is in your hands Compost you must Life is in your hands Reuse you must The universe is in your hands Help the world You must Everything is in your hands

'Where I Am From' --Evelyn Servin, 5th grade, Eagleton Elementary School

I am from a place where my mom waits for me with a delicious meal done by her own hands with love. I am from a place where the blue sky is like me always feeling free and smiling with the clouds like jumping on a trampoline.

'My Trip To The Computer Lab' --Clifford Archuleta, 1st grade, Colfax Elementary School

I go into a forest of computers. I sit and face a jungle called The Web. It is an exploration. An adventure.

Dreams & Directions will be on sale at all Tattered Cover locations and The Bookies Bookstore.

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