Eight Great Ways to Cure Cabin Fever During a Colorado Winter

Are you lethargic, irritable? Unable to get out from under the warm covers and deal with reality? Feeling trapped? Cranky? Congratulation:. You have cabin fever!  And we're here to offer the cure. Turn off the TV; cut out the booze, coffee and high carb/high sugar foods; and gt out and do something! Here are eight ideas.

8. Visit the parks

Although Denver doesn't really have those fabled 300 days of sunshine per year, it's still remarkably sunny here in the Mile High, and the big, open skies are a sharp contrast to the wooded horizons of the East. A walk will help clear your mind and get some Vitamin D into your system. Denver maintains 5,000 acres of park space, half within city limits. You could visit four different parks a week and it would take a year to get through them all – doesn't it feel good to have a goal? Find out more here.

7. Be a tourist

This is the best time of year to be a tourist. There are few crowds, so you can really scope out museums and other facilities, and determine where to take your visitors next summer. The Museum of Outdoor Arts has collections all over town. Go on the tour at Hammond’s Candies, visit the Denver Firefighters Museum, or just stroll through LoDo.  If you must stay indoors, visits to such walk-intensive places as the Denver Art Museum, the Botanic Gardens and the Museum of Nature & Science are recommended.

6. Winter activities outside . . .
You do not have to slave away in some depressing, pastel 24-hour gym to get exercise. Neither do you have to be Lindsey Vonn or Ingemar Stenmark. Go have fun! Snowshoeing, sledding and tubing opportunities abound around here — if the snow doesn’t melt too quickly. You can find an excellent list of hills here, with a plethora of winter events, ranging from serious competitions to fun runs and walks. 

5. ...and inside
Denver Sports Center has year-round indoor soccer leagues; most city rec departments have expanded facilities and an inventive list of activities. Of course, yoga devotees will continue to pose; newbies can find studios in almost every neighborhood. There are also quirky ways to work out. While your buff frenemies are tearing it up on the indoor climbing walls, you can do indoor skydiving at iFly Denver. Bowling is a Ralph Kramden-like option at the Punch Bowl or  Lucky Strike. Interested in Indoor glow-in-the-dark miniature golf? Try Monster or Putting Edge. And there’s nothing that says you are too old for children's games; fortunately, there's a proliferation of “trampoline parks” in the area right now. You can also push the kids out of your way at Boondocks, Dave & Buster’s, JungleQuest or Mid-Air Adventures.

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