Reader: It's Not a Denver Summer Without Elitch's

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Not this summer.
Elitch Gardens
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After proposing several plans to the state that were not approved, on July 31 Elitch Gardens finally announced that it would not open this summer.

"We are heart-broken that you and your family and friends will not get your fill of thrills this season," said general manager David Dorman as he shared the news, citing an executive order "prohibiting the operation of amusement parks due to COVID-19."

The up-and-down comments posted on Facebook in response to our Elitch's story mimicked a ride there (only not this summer). Says Fitz: 

The season is over, anyway.

Notes Jill:

It's just not summer without going to Elitch's.

Asks Chris:

Do they mean they're not going to have me pay a high price to stand in line for a quick ride, nasty food and expensive beer? Oh, wait that's why I didn't go there the last ten years...

Responds Sam: 

I always had fun every time I went to Elitch's. I'd been hoping, but looks like no luck. Thanks, Democrats.

Notes Joe:

If you are over twelve and your idea of having fun is going to Elitch's, you have bigger problems than a political party.

Responds Ray: 

For the love of God, why would you complain about this place not being open!? Are you that dumb not to realize it's not about having fun...

Notes Josh:

To the people complaining about this, you're the dumb fucks who have us stuck in this socially distanced hell in the first place. Just wear your fucking masks. Developing countries with little to no resources are handling this pandemic better than we are, because their people are not being selfish fucking morons. Wear the mask.

And John takes issue with the general manager's letter:

Wow, this is disappointing but stop with the childish whining:

"We have held out hope for so long that our park would be treated fairly as we watched the Denver Zoo, Botanic Gardens, Aquarium, the Museum of Science & Nature open in various stages, the casinos welcome back players, the ski resorts’ summertime attractions go into full swing, and even Red Rocks re-open this month for concerts."

False equivalencies: as if the reason people go to Elitch's is to look at the rides, ski resort activities necessarily have distancing, and Red Rocks is not open for concerts! What, was Elitch's going to open for yoga-only now?

"We truly miss hearing your screams of joy on Mind Eraser and happy splashes in our Commotion Ocean wave pool," Dorman said in his announcement letter.

What do you miss about Elitch Gardens? Do you think the state should have allowed the amusement park to open? Post a comment or email your thoughts to editorial@westword.com.

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