Fat Wizard is browser game of the week

Wizards are the best and easiest way to our heart -- there's just something special about a man in a hat with stars on it. Toss in the idea that this wizard is overweight and we're pretty much drooling in our admiration for this thing. It doesn't matter what it is or how it plays. If it's called Fat Wizard and it's about a fat wizard doing his own thing, it's good enough for us. Luckily, the game happens to be a good one.

It's a lightweight tower defense title, which, for anyone who has ever booted up a game in their life, might sound a bit boring, since there are at this point something like nine hundred billion tower defense titles available for free on the internet. But Fat Wizard does it a bit differently, with a load of charm and a wizard's cap full of wit.

The only thing you're likely going to trouble over is the control scheme. Movement of your wizard is handled by hitting CTRL and right clicking, while your powers are handled by different taps and drags of the mouse button. It takes a couple rounds to get used to it, but the first section of Fat Wizard is easy enough that most won't trouble too much over the awkward controls while they're getting the hang of it.

When things start ramping up, the game starts getting good. You're tasked with defending a dinosaur egg, which you're trying to turn into an omelet, but the local fauna are interested in gobbling it up for themselves, so you'll have to defend it with your powers. Fat wizards can't stay fat without their dragon eggs, so you'll get a game over if you fail. Fat wizard needs to stay fat. That's it.

To help you along your way to omeletdom, you get three tricks: an ice blast, fire blast and a lightning barrier. It's simplistic, but that's exactly what makes Fat Wizard so enjoyable. It walks the line between strategy and arcade action, meaning it's worthwhile to dip your toe into or to dive in completely. It's not the deepest game and it certainly won't ask you to keep coming back to it over and over for the course of 900 wizard years, but it will give you a nice 15-minute snack to make your boring day a little more magical.

Play it here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.