Film Podcast: Star Wars! The Return of Droids and the Millennium Falcon

If we're honest with ourselves, the teaser-trailer for

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

looks better than the original

Star Wars

movies. That's how this week's

Voice Film Club

podcast opens, with your hosts

Alan Scherstuhl


Stephanie Zacharek

of the

Village Voice


Amy Nicholson


LA Weekly

. Talk then turns to Reese Witherspoon's excellent performance in


, and then to director Jennifer Kent's spectacular, terrifying new film

The Babadook

. The group wraps by recommending a few underrated or under-seen films:

Zero Motivation


Concerning Violence

, and

Life Partners

. Amy closes the show with a recap of her

interview with Garfield creator Jim Davis

, who finally settles it: Does Jon ever actually hear Garfield, or is Jon just talking to himself?

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