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First Annual March for Absurdity brings weirdness to the streets

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"I just wanted to see something different and unexpected happen in the street without having to move to a big city," Hz says, lifting her bunny mask to light a cigarette. "So I decided to orchestrate dada, situationist, performance art type events in public places around Denver. Denver's first Annual March For Absurdity and pop up fashion show is our second event so far. The first one was at an Albertson's and somebody got arrested. I am planning a concert for rush-hour traffic next."

Perplexed onlookers often inquired as to the purpose of the march, and were handed a small card with only the following instructions:

Will you march for the cause????

Walk 10 steps forward, 3 steps back, 1 step to the left Walk 10 steps forward, 3 steps back, 1 step to the right Blink 5 times and then repeat.

As such, their progress down the 16th Street Mall was halting at best, though the throng had grown by the time the parade concluded at Civic Center Park.

The proceedings nearly reached peak whimsy when the Denver Cruisers rode by and mistook the absurdists for bike-less members of their flock, but then an old-school limousine pulled up and the even concluded with a fittingly absurd parody of a fashion show. Then the primary participants filed into the limo and drove away.

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