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Five Movies to Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time not just for feasting, but family antics. Everyone has a story from the holiday, whether heartwarming or heartbreaking. This year, instead of focusing on the drama at the table, why not direct your attention to the silver screen? When you need a time-out from your family or need to veg out after you've stuffed yourself, these five movies are reason to be thankful.

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5. Home for the Holidays (1995) Take comfort in the fact that holidays can be hard on everyone. In Home for the Holidays, Claudia gets fired from her job just in time to fly home to her parents' house for Thanksgiving. It's one of those madcap family dramas that makes your family look normal, and it's got a great cast, with Holly Hunter, Robert Downey Jr. and My So Called Life-era Claire Danes. And, weirdly enough, it was directed by Jodie Foster.

4. ThanksKilling (2008) Turkeys are among the most scary-looking birds out there. So it's no surprise that they can make one hell of a villain. ThanksKilling tells the harrowing story of five college students and a Native American legend about a killer turkey that awakens every 500 years. While it's not quite Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, it tries its best. Totally low-budget, kitschy and silly, this is one of those "so bad it's still bad but kind of funny" movies. It's definitely good for a few laughs; consider it a palate cleanser after your Thanksgiving feast.

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