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Five reasons why Denver's "GoosInator" goose-scaring machines for parks are stupid

So normally when my roomie yells "Check this sh*t out on YouTube!!!" I ignore him, but when he told me Denver had a goose-scaring robot to rid its parks of geese, I had to watch. And I saw the "GoosInator," a highway cone-orange creation that looks like something sewn on to an Ed Hardy shirt, making a scary lawn-mower noise and being operated via remote control by a Parks and Rec intern.

"Wow," I remarked. If there was a way that Denver Parks and Recreation could waste *more* money, I don't know what it is (and please, DP&R, don't take this as a challenge or a dare, I beg you).

Here are five reasons why Denver's "GoosInator" goose-scaring machine for parks is super-stupid. I sincerely hope that whoever bought these kept the receipts, or at least got the extended warranty plan.

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Jenn Wohletz
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