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Five Russ Meyer Movies to See Before Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Screens Friday

When filmmaker/breast enthusiast Russ Meyer passed away in 2004, he left two simple statements on his gravestone: "King of the Nudies" and "I Was Glad to Do It." Indeed, Meyer infused such joy into the taboo world of exploitation films that every one of his titles seems less like work and more like filmed celebrations of sex, buxom women and the clumsy dopes who love them. His inspiration came from being raised by a bold, busty single mother, and that's reflected in his depiction of women not just as sex objects but as fully formed, bright characters deserving of their own pleasure in a cold, male world. For Meyer, making an exploitation film was not about producing porn -- an industry he hated and called "mechanical and joyless" -- but about creating a thrilling portrait of life without hangups, celebrating the female form and all of its dimensions.

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