Five Ways to Celebrate Santa Tomorrow, From Speedo Runs to Bar Crawls

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Denver Santa Speedo Dash 12:30 p.m. Saturday, December 6

While "holiday flair" is encouraged at this one-mile dash, most of the participants will limit that to Speedos and Santa hats. The Denver Santa Speedo Dash is basically a nearly-nude block party that kicks off and wraps up at Mead St. Station in Highland, 3625 West 32nd Avenue. (If you plan on running weekend errands and would prefer to avoid a sea of drunk dudes in itty bitty swimsuits running toward you, avoid Highlands Square Saturday afternoon.)

The $35 entry fee includes one Santa hat, a pre-race shot and a post-race beer. Visit for more information.

Denver Santacon 1 p.m. to 1 a.m. Saturday, December 6

For some unknown reason, residents of 323 cities around the world want to dress like Santa and drunkenly parade through the streets -- and on Saturday, Denverites can join the party. Just dress up like Santa or any other holiday character, since Santacon organizers don't care "as long as you're not an asshole." The celebration isn't exactly a bar crawl, but the entirety of Santa's workshop will be moving together through bars and activities. Join the festivities at City Park, 2600 East 17th Avenue.

Have all your Santacon questions answered here.

The event is free, as long as you don't bring "douchebag friends."

Keep reading for more opportunities to put on a big red suit.

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