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Ten Things to Do in Denver for $10 and Under (Seven Free)

DYAO joins the Colorado Philharmonic on stage at Boettcher Concert Hall on Tuesday, February 20.
DYAO joins the Colorado Philharmonic on stage at Boettcher Concert Hall on Tuesday, February 20. Denver Young Artists Orchestra
Although the Valentine's Day hubbub has died down, Denver's creative community hasn't lost a step as it prepares for yet another weekend filled with activity. In addition to the usual concerts, screenings and comedy shows that populate these weekly inventories, the days ahead hold numerous opportunities for readers to broaden their horizons. Knowledge seekers can wiggle their way through salsa class, enjoy boozy TED Talk-style presentations, or learn the basics of beekeeping for less than ten American dollars. That's right: Anyone with a crisp Hamilton and an open mind can enjoy any of the following ten events. 

click to enlarge THOMAS NAIL
Thomas Nail
Critical Conversations: Theory of the Border
Thursday, February 15, 6:30 p.m.

Borders and the delineation thereof are a perpetually controversial subject, and the debate has only intensified in recent months. In today's globalized economy, however, the concept of borders no longer refers to mere geographical divides; borders define airspace, resource allocation, and even social lives. Explore this fraught and fascinating concept with University of Denver professor Thomas Nail, author of Theory of the Border. Presented in partnership with CRI Hub, BookBar's Critical Conversations series invites writers and experts to explore definitive issues through informed discourse. Visit BookBar's events calendar to learn more.

Free Wheelchair Mission Documentary Screening
Thursday, February 15, 7 p.m.
Belong Church

A global humanitarian organization, the Free Wheelchair Project is devoted to seeking mobility solutions all across the world, providing necessary equipment and education for people in need with its signature “1 Million for 1 Million” campaign. The campaign stops at Denver's Belong Church tonight for a screening of Visionaries, a Sam Waterston-narrated PBS documentary about the organization that includes heartwarming footage of a twelve-year-old girl in Peru receiving the millionth free wheelchair. Admission is free; RSVP via the Free Wheelchair Mission's page.

click to enlarge Nathan Lund headlines. - FROM THE HIP PHOTO
Nathan Lund headlines.
From the Hip Photo
Nathan Lund at the Park Hill Underground Comedy Club
Thursday, February 15, 7 p.m.
Park Hill Branch Library

Libraries are temples of knowledge emanating an august studiousness that practically demands hushed whispers, a quality that makes Denver's Park Hill Branch an ideal venue for solitary reading, but an unlikely venue for standup. However, every once in a while, comedy-loving librarian Tara Bannon Williamson re-fashions the branch's basement into the Park Hill Underground Comedy Club, inviting a well-curated selection of Denver's best comics to entertain her bookish crowd. Tonight's lineup features a trio of the city's finest mirth merchants, with Caitie Hannan and Jay Gillespie opening for Denver Comedy Champion Nathan Lund. Visit the Park Hill Branch Library's events page for more details.

Meydan Film Series: Damascus With Love
Friday, February 16, 7:30 p.m.
Reiman Theater

Organized by the University of Denver's Center for Middle East Studies, the Meydan Film Series invites students and cinephiles alike to experience an often misunderstood culture through the lens of the movies. Returning for a new season at Reiman Theater (located within DU's Margery Reed Hall), the series continues on Friday, February 16, with a screening of Damascus With Love. A romance set against the tragic backdrop of Syria's civil war, Mohamed Abulaziz's 2010 film celebrates Syria's rich cultural heritage while mourning the ravages of war. Join Meydan Film Series curators Carole Woodall and Joel Gordon after the movie for a thought-provoking discussion. Visit DU's events calendar for more details.

Friday Night Weird: Space Is the Place
Friday, February 16, 8:45 p.m.
Boedecker Theater, Boulder
$6.50 to $12

A new month has arrived, and with it a new theme for the Boedecker Theater's Friday Night Weird film series. In honor of Black History Month, programmers have joined forces with the University of Colorado's Laboratory for Race and Popular Culture to bring us Space Is the Place, a three-week exploration of science fiction inspired by the African-American experience. The series concludes on Friday, February 16, with the delightfully freaky Sun Ra movie of the same name. Watch a new, digitally restored print of the film, then stick around for an insightful discussion led by University of Colorado professor and author of A Pure Solar World: Sun Ra and the Birth of Afrofuturism, Paul Youngquist. For more details and links to buy tickets, $6.50 to $12, visit the Dairy Center's box-office page.
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