Gayness retracted: OUT @ Curious has been canceled

It'll be a substantially less gay old time than previously anticipated at the Curious Theatre tomorrow: OUT @ Curious, the theater company's tribute to the more festive segment of its audience that we told you about in the Night+Day section of this week's print edition (still on the racks), has been canceled due to lack of advance ticket sales. Hosted by Channel 2's fabulous Chris Parente and featuring a performance of Circle Mirror Transformation, the company's current show, the event would have been dedicated to One Colorado, an advocacy group that lobbies for gay rights causes.

"By adding on a show, we take on a lot of extra expenses," explains Mare Trevathan, Curious' Community Affairs Manager, "and we just hadn't hit the amount of advance sales needed to justify the cost." As for the future of OUT @ Curious -- this show would have been the 3rd annual -- Trevathan can't speak with certainty, either. "You know, we had a great show lined up, we had a really great host in Chris Parente, and it's kind of like, if that recipe doesn't work, we're not sure how we can make it work. So the jury's still out on whether or not we're going to do it in the future. But we're really sorry it didn't work out."

Regularly scheduled performances of Circle Mirror Transformation, however, will continue as planned through February 26. They just won't be nearly as gay.

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Jef Otte
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